1. Installation
2. How to download a video or MP3.
3. Folders
4. Formats
5. Download list
6. Functions
7. Settings


Click on the file "Yobzeo_setup.exe" The wellcome dialog will show, click next.

Then the EULA (End User License Agrrement) will show. Read it and if you agree click next button.

A dialog with destination folder will show. If you want to install it to a different folder than the default click "Browse" button and select the folder. We suggest that you leave the default folder "c:\Program Files\Yobzeo" and click "Next" button to continue

Next will show the Start Menu folder. If you don't want to change the shortcut click "Next" button

Then next dialog will show the settings you have selected for a final check. If it is as you wish click "Install" button to proceed with installation of the software.

The next dialog shows the progress during installation of the files to your system.

When installation completes click "Finish" button


How to download a video or MP3.

It's straightforward. Go to the webpage and copy the video URL. Then paste it to the "Video URL" in Yobzeo. For example in Youtube select the video you want to download right click you mouse button and when the popup menu shows select "copy video URL" as shown on next screenshot.

The video URL is copied to your clipboard and you can paste to "Video URL" in Yobzeo.

Then click the button "Extract Info" to let Yobzeo retrieve the data ragarding the video. When this completes the "Video format" and "Audio format" buttons enabled.
At this point you may select if you need to download the video clicking the video button or the audio stream contained in the video clicking the Audio button.
Clicking video button the title of the video is added to the download list.

Depending on the number of entries the list has and the configuriation of the software it will start download or wait on the queue.


On the toolbar there are two buttons

"Video Files" and "Audio Files". Each button guides to the folder where the actual downladed files are.
Videos Files points to the downloaded videos and Audio Files to the donwloaded videos.
By default these two folders are in the User Video and MyMusic folders setup by your operating system usually thats

"%userprofile%\Videos\Yobzeo" for video files
"%userprofile%\Music\Yobzeo" for music files

but in any case you don't want to use the default settings you can chage it in "Settings"


Regarding the video formats depends only on the formats provided by the site. For example in the next image you can see the formats provided for a video file from Youtube

Two types of "3gp" one "wbem" and the last "mp4" The best is usually the last shown mp4: 640x360.

For the Audio files the encoders are ACC, FLAC, MP3, M4A, OPUS, VORBIS, WAV

When you click the Audio download at first the video files is downloaded and finally the audio stream is extracted and coverted to the selected format with and encoder.
The properties (Mono or stereo, sampling rate, bits per sample) and quality of the audio file is dependent on the origianal audio stream contained in the video file. If the video has a quality audio stream this is what you will take in your final file.

Download list

The list contains the following fields
Title: Contains the title of the file downloaded as described by the URL
Downloading: When the file is being downloaded.
Paused: When the dowloading has been paused by the user.
On Queue : When the file is on a queue and waiting to start downloading.
Completed: When downloading has completed. Double clicking on a completed files the video or media player will launch to play the file.
Progress: It is a bar to give an visual sense of the progress of downloading.
Percentage: Shows the percentage of the file that has been download so far.
Size: Shows the total size of the file.
Speed: Shows the speed for the files being downladed in Kb/sec or Mb/sec.
ETA: Shows the time remaining to complete the download.
Medium: It is the type of the file being downloaded Video or Audio.

When you insert a file in the list it enters "on queue" state. If the maximum number of downloads it's not exceeded then it will start to download. First file enters the list first served. If there are others downloading it just enters the queue waiting.




We can pause any file being downloaded. As soon as a file enters "Paused" and there are remaining on the queue the first entered the list will be served. We can pause by clicking the main menu item or the pop-up selection or by double clicking the left mouse button on a files being downloaded.


We can resume any file that's on "Paused" state by clicking Resume main menu item or from pop-up menu on the list. We can also "Resume" by double click with left mouse button on a "Paused" file. After resuming a file on the list it will enter the queue list until its time come to start donwload that's we don't expect by resume to start immediately to see the file downloading.


We can cancel any Download at any time. It will be deleted from the list and from the hard disk drive.


As soon as a files has completed its download we can see it in our default video or music player by clicking play. We can also play a file with double clicking the left mouse button.



Clicking "Settings" main menu item or taskbar link shows Settings window.

General tab.

"Automatically paste URL from clipboard" pastes the URL you have copied to the video URL editbox and clicks "Extract info" button. The software retrives data from the URL selected and prepares for downloading video or audio file.

"On Download completion show balloon message" shows a ballon message when the downloading has completed. This is only presented if Yobzeo has been minimized.

"Show confirmation message on exit" shows a dialog when clicking "exit" to confirm that you want to leave the software.

"On clicking close button minimize on task bar" does what is says that's does not leave the sofware but it minimizes it.

Downloads tab.

In "Number of concurrent downloads" you can set the number of maximum files that can be downloaded at the same time. The options are 1 up to 5 and unlimited.

In "limit donwload speed to" limits the download speed for each file to a certain value.

We suggest that you set these limits according to your internet connection speed. For example if you have a 2Mbit you may select 4 concurrent downloads and max speed of 500Kbyte/sec to reach your internet connection margin

Files tab.

Here you can set the directories where you can save your videos and music. By default these settings are
for downloaded video files and
for the downloaded audio files.

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